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Window Tinting in Palmerston North

Solar Heat Control

Window tinting enables you to take control of the heat coming from the sun, helping reduce energy costs while maintaining comfort levels all year round.

Glare Control

By controlling solar glare, window tinting makes it easier for you to watch TV, work on a computer or simply enjoy the view.

UV Protection

UV rays can also age your items fast. By providing defence against UV, window film helps protect from harmful health effects, as well as preserve the colour of carpets, fabrics and hardwood floors.


Window tinting helps enhance your home’s privacy, letting you enjoy the outdoor views without worrying about who is looking in.

Security and Safety

Help enhance the safety and security of your home with window tinting. Itcan achievethis by reducing the risk of damages and injuries caused by impact, accidents and even intrusion.


Whether you’re addressing a functional issue or creating a mood, you can get both from window tinting.

This is a brilliant product with real proven benefits to your home décor, health, privacy and overall comfort.

To know more about our window tinting service in Manawatu, get in touch with our experts and call us on 06 3587095.